Pennsylvania Woman Drives Stolen Car Through Hospital’s Glass Doors.

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Thirty-five-year-old Nicole Celland was released from UPMC Mercy Hospital late Tuesday morning after being treated for unspecified injuries. When she was denied a free bus pass, she took matters into her own hands and decided to steal a car from the hospital parking lot. The stolen car had been left unoccupied, presumably by someone inside the hospital, when Celland decided to use it as her free ride home.

Celland could not maneuver the vehicle away from the rounded driveway and somehow slammed through the hospital’s front glass revolving doors. Although she attempted to escape the crashed vehicle and make a run for it, she was trapped inside the car because of the impact. Emergency crews extracted her from the vehicle before arresting her. Celland suffered only minor injuries. Four hospital patrons were also injured in the crash, although those injuries were also suspected to be minor. They were all treated in the hospital emergency room.

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