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Tennessee Court Awards Record-Breaking Judgment To Victim Of Hit-And-Run Car Accident.

Accidents resulting in personal injury can occur in a number of ways. From simple slip and fall accidents in a parking lot to injury as a result of a botched medical procedure, there are many scenarios in which negligence can … Continue reading

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New Study Finds That Later School Time Starts Reduce Car Accidents.

Car accidents remain among the leading causes of death in the United States. Cognizant of this fact, our society is constantly striving to come up with solutions that can solve, or at least alleviate, this problem. Better technology, stricter seatbelt … Continue reading

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Syracuse Basketball Coach Jim Boeheim Involved In Fatal Car Crash.

Car crashes are among the most injury-causing events in the world. This prevalence is due to a number of factors, including the amount of force that cars exert when they collide, human error (such as driving while drunk or distracted), … Continue reading

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