New Study Finds That Later School Time Starts Reduce Car Accidents.

Car accidents remain among the leading causes of death in the United States. Cognizant of this fact, our society is constantly striving to come up with solutions that can solve, or at least alleviate, this problem. Better technology, stricter seatbelt laws, and awareness training have all been implemented. But there is always room to come up with even more creative solutions, as the danger and frequency of car accidents evidently remains, and millions suffer each year because of it. In such a situation, it would be wise to contact an expert car accident attorney at 617-787-3700.

Seeking to explore new avenues by which car accident rates might be reduced, researchers at Farwaniya Hospital in Kuwait and Boston Children’s Hospital looked at a major U.S. school District in Virginia, where the start time had been delayed 50 minutes. Looking at the data, the researchers noted a significant drop in teen car accidents, and concluded that later start times for schools may contribute to less frequent car accidents.

Specifically, distraction-related accidents (caused by texting or tweeting) dropped 8.7%, while drunk driving accidents dropped 20%. The researchers compared this to data from the rest of the state, which had no instituted the later start times, and found that teen accidents had actually increased 3.5% everywhere else. Although more research needs to be done, the report suggests that getting more sleep may be in part what is helping teenagers avoid dangerous car accidents in the morning.

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