Michigan Car Crash Results in Multiple Fatalities.

Cars have become a common part of everyday life.  We use cars to get to work, to our homes, and nearly to everywhere in-between.  While driving may have become a repetitive daily activity for most people, it is important that we always drive in a responsible and considerate manner.  Each driver owes a duty of care to the people in their vehicle, as well as those in other vehicles on the road.  If a driver breaches this duty by driving in a dangerous or negligent manner, they may be held liable for the damages they cause.

This week, police found an overturned car by a local road at 8:00 AM in Porter Township, Michigan.  The crash happened on 94th Avenue and 28½ Street; when responders approached the damaged 1999 Ford Taurus, they found the driver and two passengers still inside, all of whom tragically had died. The driver, Brandon Mark Vanwalbeck, 21, and his passengers, Andrew Michael Rambo, 15, and Hunter Jewel LaRose, 16, all seem to have died as result of the crash.  The crash is under investigation, but officials told wzzm13 that the car engine was cold when they arrived, leading officials to believe that the crash took place the night before.  The car seems to have gone off the road at a nearby curve and crashed into a tree, causing it to roll several times.  It has not been determined whether alcohol and speeding were factors in the accident.

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