Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Poses With Wakefield Man After Sideswiping His Parked Vehicle.

The injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents can vary in severity. Sometimes, the victims may suffer permanent or even fatal injuries. Other times, injuries include broken bones, cuts and bruises, and neck and back pain. In addition, victims often suffer emotional and financial difficulties. Medical expenses can pile up, and many victims are forced to take time off from work to recover from their physical injuries. This can put a strain on the entire family.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been in the Boston area filming his new movie, “Central Intelligence.” On June 15th, he was driving to the set, listening to music, and generally paying less attention to the road than he should have. Caught up in the radio music, Johnson was snapped back to reality when he heard a loud bang. He quickly realized that he had sideswiped a parked pickup truck. He made a U-turn and prepared to find the owner of the vehicle.

Audie Bridges, a Wakefield, Massachusetts man, walked out of his house just as Johnson was making his U-Turn. Johnson asked, “Sir, is this your truck?” After about five seconds of staring in disbelief, Bridges responded that it was, in fact, his truck. Johnson apologized and admitted to having sideswiped the vehicle, and offered to pay for any repairs that might be needed. After a few more seconds, Bridges responded, “Are you The Rock?” Upon making the connection, Bridges told Johnson not to worry about the repairs, and that he was just glad to have a great story to tell friends.

Later that day, Johnson posted a photo on Instagram of the pair standing next to the smashed side mirror. His Instagram caption explained the entire story and thanked Bridges for being so understanding about the car accident. According to the Boston Globe, Bridges fixed the damage himself, saying it was only minor. He joked on Facebook, “Guess who I ran into today . . . or should I say who ran into me?” Fortunately the accident caused only minor property damage, and left all parties involved with a great story to tell.

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