Woman Files Complaint After Being Hit By Driver Who Failed To Yield At Stop Sign.

An Illinois woman, Barbara J. Weis, and her husband, Curtis J. Weis, filed a car accident lawsuit on August 8, 2013 in Madison County Circuit Court. The lawsuit was brought against Byron E. Barker, as next of kin of Tenor B. Barker, who is a minor.

The car accident occurred at the intersection of Bellm Road and Arkansas Road in Highland, Illinois. The Weises allege that  T. Barker disregarded a stop sign, while driving west on Bellm Road, and struck Barbara Weis’ vehicle as she was driving north on Arkansas Road. They further blame T. Barker for failing to keep a proper lookout, driving in a reckless manner, driving too fast, failing to sound his horn to avoid a collision, and failing to reduce his speed to avoid the auto crash.

As a result of these actions, the Weises’ complaint alleges that Barbara Weis suffered severe and permanent personal injuries, incurred medical costs, lost wages, experienced great pain and suffering, and sustained damages to her automobile. She also incurred medical bills to treat her son, minor Patton Weis, who was riding in the vehicle at the time. The complaint goes on to allege that Curtis Weis has been deprived of his wife’s support and services and has incurred medical costs.

In total, the Weises are seeking personal injury damages of $100,000 plus costs.

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