Fatal Car Accident After Passenger Untied Driver’s Bikini.

A group of teens were returning home from the Jersey Shore beaches when 19 year-old passenger, Brandon Berman, playfully untied the female driver’s bikini top. The distraction caused Brittany Lahm to veer off the road, injuring the car full of teens and killing the playful friend.

The vehicle was filled with teenage friends on their way home from a day at the beach, when the playful joker untied Lahm’s bikini from behind. The prank surprised the driver, and in her panic to cover-up, she veered off the road. The car hit a guardrail and flipped over onto the highway.

The courts are calling it the “breast defense” — that a young woman cannot be held responsible in a fatal crash when it was brought on by a back-seat passenger who untied her bikini top. Although the boy had been disruptive for practically the entire journey home, the New York court ruled that the driver could not have foreseen that he would untie her bikini.

Although several of the passengers were injured, it was only the playful 19 year-old boy who died in the auto crash. The case is expected to go up on appeal to the highest court in New York to determine whether the driver should have anticipated and guarded against such an emergency.

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