Driver Who Caused A Chain-Reaction Auto Crash Drank Beer Immediately After The Accident.

The driver who is responsible for a seven-car chain-reaction collision purchased a 6-pack of beer from the local mini-mart and began drinking it next to his vehicle following the car accident.

The pileup auto crash occurred just after 11:00 p.m. in Los Angeles, California. The suspect slammed into the vehicle in front of him who had stopped at the red light. The crash was so severe that it killed the 64 year-old driver immediately upon impact. This crash triggered a seven-car chain-reaction, injuring three more people at the scene.

According to other drivers, the suspect appeared to be intoxicated. Some onlookers say he could not even stand up straight. After getting out of his motor vehicle, the man walked to the local mini mart and demanded beer. He threw money on the counter and went back to his vehicle where he began drinking from one of the beers.

Los Angeles Police are now trying to determine whether he was intentionally trying to taint evidence.

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