Teenager Killed In Collision With Church Van.

The occurrence of motor vehicle accidents among teenagers is alarmingly higher than that among any other age group. In 2011 alone, 2,650 teenagers were killed in United States car accidents. Another 292,000 teenagers were injured. There are countless factors that may increase the risk for teenage car accidents. For example, studies revealthat teenagers are more likely than any other age group to underestimate dangerous situations. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), teenagers are also more likely to speed and tailgate than compared to other drivers. Perhaps most significantly, the inexperience that comes with young age increases the risk for fatal motor vehicle crashes.

Seventeen-year-old Morgan Smith was pronounced dead after the SUV her friend was driving collided with a church van at the intersection of 72nd Street and Maguire Road in Lexington, Oklahoma Sunday night. According to KFOR Channel 4 News, the SUV carrying the two teenage girls failed to stop at the intersection causing the fatal accident. The SUV was driven by Smith’s 16-year-old friend, whose name has not yet been released. The SUV crashed into a van owned by the Maguire Baptist Church. The van was forced off the roadway and struck a utility pole before coming to a halt on its roof.

71-year-old Janice Fogle, who had been riding in the church van, was rushed to the local hospital where she was placed in intensive care. The 16-year-old driver survived her injuries. Police are still investigating the accident.

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