Teen Rushed To Hospital After Car Crashes Into His Bike.

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Cars have become a commonplace in modern society. They are used by millions of Americans across the country as a part of their daily commute. Despite their importance, however, roads are not solely built to be used by cars: bicyclists also occupy our roadways and sidewalks. Drivers must be aware of not only other vehicles, but also pedestrians and bicyclists, something a Massachusetts driver recently failed to do properly.

A local community in Uxbridge, MA was reminded of these potential damages to bicyclists when a 13-year-old’s bike ride took a dangerous turn when he was going to his friend’s house.He was struck by a car. Firefighters treated the teenage boy at the scene, but he was quickly flown to UMass Medical Center with serious injuries. The boy’s injuries were non-fatal, but doctors say that if it were not for his helmet, matters could have been much, much worse.

Each motorist is responsible for his or her actions, and are expected to operate in a safe, responsible manner that does not pose a threat to themselves or anyone else on the road. Bicyclists, while offered the freedom of increased mobility, have no protection from an oncoming vehicle, other than a helmet. This makes them especially vulnerable when compared to other drivers and must be afforded a greater duty of care by other motorists.

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