Massachusetts Cook Unable To Return To Work Following Serious Car Accident.

A Massachusetts woman has settled her personal injury lawsuit for $250,000 after a 2012 motor vehicle accident left her unable to return to her job as a cook.

The car accident victim was driving home from her job on February 18, 2012, when another driver negligently drifted in her lane and caused a collision between the two cars. The auto accident caused the victim to suffer serious fractures in her knee and arm.

The woman was rushed to a hospital where she soon underwent an emergency knee reconstruction. The surgeons installed metallic components in the woman’s knee to assist in the healing process. The woman also received treatment for a broken arm.

Several months later, the car accident victim underwent another surgery to extract the metal components from her knee. The woman’s knee has visible scarring following the two surgeries. Her personal injuries have prevented her from returning to her full time job as a cook.

The insurance company of the perpetrator of the auto crash agreed to accept liability, and agreed to settle the woman’s claim for $250,000 after partial discovery had been completed.

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