Family of Kansas Principal Awarded $35 Million in Wrongful Death Damages in Car Accident Lawsuit.

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As you drive on the highway to and from work every day, you rarely think about how fast you’re actually going.  Especially with newer model cars, it is easy to lose track of how fast your car can go.  Eighty miles an hour might feel smooth and effortless, but in reality, one false move by you or another driver, while traveling at that speed, could spell disaster.  When people take risks driving at high rates of speed, accidents happen that frequently cause injuries and have the potential to take lives.  Other factors, such as traffic and large vehicles on the road, can also increase the danger.

In 2006, 55-year-old Anita Gibbs was on her way to a family celebration of a marriage anniversary.  Ms. Gibbs was an elementary school principal.  She was accompanied at the time by three other female family members.  While driving on Interstate 70 in Kansas, she stopped her car short because of traffic ahead.  Unfortunately, the driver of a tractor trailer truck behind her did not see her brake lights in time to stop.  The truck smashed into the back of Ms. Gibbs’ car.  Sadly, the impact of the crash killed her and her three passengers.

In 2008, the truck driver was tried on four counts of second-degree manslaughter and found not guilty.

A few years after this tragic car accident, the Gibbs family, with the assistance of their Kansas attorneys,  filed a lawsuit against the truck driver and his employer.  Ken McClain and Danny Thomas, partners at the law firm of Humphrey, Farrington & McClain, P.C., were the attorneys for the deceased. That case just recently settled for $35 million, one of the largest wrongful death damage awards in Kansas state history. 

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