Erratic Driver Causes Three-Car Accident in Pennsylvania.

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Kaecieo Bass and Kevin Denny were riding in their employer’s truck when they noticed the car in front of them swerving all over the road. The two men work for Fayette Rental Solutions. They followed the car for four minutes, watching it swerve all over the road, into the other lane, and over the white line, back and forth. The passenger in the truck even recorded the car on their cell phone.

Then, the car turned left over traffic and smashed right into an oncoming car, who then hit the truck Kaecieo and Kevin were in. Luckily, the two in the truck were not injured. The driver of the oncoming car and the erratic driver, however, were both taken to a local hospital.

The two got out of their truck after the crash and noticed the driver had her phone in her hand. It is unsure if she was on the phone, texting, or grabbed it after the accident.

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