Do I Really Need a Personal Injury Lawyer to Handle My Claim?

The short answer is, “Yes.” 

I’m sure that’s a big surprise coming from a personal injury lawyer, but it really is TRUE.

Consider this. Without the help of an experienced Massachusetts personal injury attorney, you likely will only be able to recover a fraction of the monetary damages that our expert Massachusetts attorneys would be able to obtain for you, or you may be unable to recover at all. And, you need a personal injury lawyer to even know what your case is fairly worth.

Every so often, a person will disregard our advice and attempt to settle their Massachusetts personal injury claim on their own. What almost invariably happens is that the person ends up asking us to represent them anyway, before they are able to settle their claim. This happens, in part, because they are not taken seriously by insurance companies, who see unrepresented people as posing no threat of legal action and being easy targets for low settlement offers. For instance, a person representing her or himself against an insurance company may believe that a $10,000.00 settlement offer from a Massachusetts insurance company is a good one, and they may leap to accept the first offer they receive. If you choose this route, you will almost for sure be cheating yourself out of the fair and just compensation that you deserve.

Moreover, insurance companies are well aware that our Boston, MA personal injury lawyers know the law and have a good understanding of what your personal injury claim is worth. The insurance companies are also aware that our Boston, MA lawyers know how to make them fairly compensate you for your claim. That $10,000.00 settlement offer from the insurance company, discussed above, was most likely a low-ball offer to someone who was unrepresented by a lawyer. The true value of your claim likely will be well above the initial offer that you received from the insurance company. Our Massachusetts personal injury lawyers know how to get you the fair and just compensation to which you are entitled.

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