Wanted Colorado Man Steals Car With Four Year-Old Child Inside, Leads Police On High Speed Chase.

Denver, Colorado was the site of a wild police chase that ended in a multi-vehicle car accident this past Wednesday, March 12, 2014. During the car chase, the perpetrator managed to steal a sport utility vehicle with a four year-old boy inside.

28 year-old Ryan Stone found out that he was wanted by the police after his failure to appear in court on a drug charge led to the issuance of an arrest warrant. Stone has an extensive criminal record with various violent and drug related offences. In an apparent attempt to escape justice, Stone stole an SUV with the child inside from a gas station in the Longmont suburb of Denver. The boy’s mother had left the keys in the car while she entered a gas station store.

Stone sped down the Interstate 70, where the Colorado State Police began to trail him. Stone engaged in various dangerous maneuvers while driving at a high rate of speed, including driving on the opposite side of the highway. Stone eventually abandoned the SUV with the child inside. The police recovered the boy, who is safe and sound.

Stone stole two more motor vehicles in an attempt to escape and struck a police officer with one of the cars. The officer was placing stop sticks in an attempt to bring the car chase to an end. The officer has been hospitalized with serious personal injuries. It is not presently clear whether Stone struck the police officer on purpose or accidentally.

Stone eventually abandoned his final vehicle and attempted to escape on foot. After running for over a mile, Stone appeared to give up and collapsed and extended his arms out, while police officers pinned and handcuffed him. Stone has been hospitalized and will be tested for the presence of drugs or alcohol in his system. He is facing a number of very serious criminal charges after this car chase.

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