Southbridge, MA Tow Truck Driver Killed On Mass Pike While Towing A Car.

Having your car break down on a major highway is probably one of the worst ways to start or end your workday.  Picture this: you’re driving along, minding the ebbs and flows of traffic, when suddenly, one of your tires blows out.  Maybe it comes as a surprise, or maybe you had been waiting to save up enough money to replace the bald tires you’d been using since 2003.  Either way, one of your only options, unless you’re mechanically savvy enough to replace the tire, is to call a tow truck.

Many people take for granted the service that a tow truck offers.  For a relatively modest fee, tow truck drivers will essentially “rescue” you from the terrible situations that you may find yourself in.  It is their duty to reassure you and address whatever automobile needs you might have.  Unfortunately, people don’t realize what a valuable service tow truck drivers offer until a disaster happens.

On Wednesday, February 11, 2015, Kevin St. Pierre drove his flatbed tow truck onto the Massachusetts Turnpike in Sturbridge.  Kevin worked for the Sturbridge Service Center, a garage in the area known for helping out stranded drivers.  That morning, he was on his way to a call from a person on the Mass Pike near exit 10 in Auburn, MA.  When Kevin arrived to the scene, the driver told him that his car had a flat tire and that he did not have a spare. Kevin then pulled his truck in front of the disabled car.  While he began changing the tire, the unthinkable happened.  A box truck in the far right lane struck and killed Kevin as he was helping the man with his tire.  He was killed instantly.

After the Sturbridge community mourned the loss of Kevin, who was just 22-years-old when he was killed, a rally was held in his honor.  Thousands of tow trucks and flatbeds from businesses all across the region flocked to the area to pay respects to the young man who was killed in a car accident in the line of duty.  The young man had died helping people, and is being remembered for his steadfast dedication to his work.

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