Massachusetts Highway Police Chase Ends in Fatal Car Crash.

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Massachusetts State Police are reporting that at least one person is dead after a suspect caused a motor vehicle accident while endeavoring to flee from troopers attempting to pull the suspect’s vehicle over on Tuesday, May 27 in Holyoke, MA.  The incident began when State Police attempted to stop the suspect for motor vehicle violations on I-391 Northbound near Exit 5 in Holyoke.

According to the police report, the suspect immediately exited the highway after the troopers attempted to stop his vehicle.  Shortly thereafter, at around 8:00 PM, local police received a call for a two-car accident near the end of the exit ramp at the intersection of Main Street and Berkshire Street.  The suspect’s vehicle apparently collided with another vehicle while attempting to flee the scene.

The suspect suffered fatal injuries in the crash.  He was rushed to a local hospital emergency room following the crash, but later died.  The suspect is believed to have been a 25 year-old man from Springfield, Massachusetts, but police have not yet released his identity.

Another person was also injured in the car crash.  That person was also rushed to a nearby hospital, but his or her current condition is unknown.

State Police initially reported that they had initiated a short pursuit of the vehicle, but a spokesperson for the department later reported that a “formal pursuit” was never initiated. This was reportedly because of the short period of time between the initial attempt to stop the suspect’s vehicle, and the suspect’s exit from the highway and subsequent crash.

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