Eight-Year Old Boy Drives Parent’s BMW Into Neighbor’s House.

Boston, MA Car Accident LawyersAn 8-year old boy in Dorchester, Massachusetts drove his parents’ BMW into his neighbor’s house last Wednesday, according to Boston, MA police. The boy was uninjured in the car accident, but he caused around $80,000 in property damage, according to local authorities.

It is unclear how the boy obtained the keys to his parents’ car, but his mother said he started his parents’ car, put it in reverse, and drove backwards 60 to 70 feet until he smashed into the neighbor’s house across the street. The neighbor was playing online poker when he heard the noise. Firefighters had to install columns on the porch, and in the basement, to stabilize the house. A building inspector was called out to determine the full extent of the structural damage. The boy’s family will now apparently be investigated by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.

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