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A Massachusetts rear-end auto accident occurs when a motor vehicle collides with the motor vehicle in front of it, thereby hitting the other motor vehicle in the rear part of that vehicle. This type of car accident usually occurs because of tailgating or panic stops. In these situations, the rear car does not have time to brake and thus causes a collision.

In the majority of rear-end car collision cases, the driver of the rear car is held to be 100% liable for the car accident due to his or her failure to drive in such a way as to have time to stop safely. In fact, Massachusetts law expressly provides for a presumption of negligence with respect to the driver of the rear car. Negligence is the failure to exercise due care under the circumstances which causes damage to another person.

Injuries arising from rear-end auto accidents are always a concern. The most common such injury is whiplash. In more severe rear-end car accidents, however, permanent injuries, such as a disc herniation, may result. In larger cars, including minivans, back seat passengers are more likely to be injured or killed due to the vehicle’s design.

A common characteristic in many rear-end motor vehicle accidents is a delay in the onset of symptoms. Most rear-end accidents involve injury to connective tissues, which frequently does not cause pain until some time has passed after the impact. A study conducted in 1995 revealed that 21% of whiplash patients did not claim to be injured at the scene of the accident, and only later experienced pain. Additionally, while persistent neck pain from auto accidents is far more common in women than men, men frequently experience neck pain as a result of a rear-end accident.

For any type of accident injury, it is crucial that you seek prompt medical attention. Even if you do not have private health insurance, Massachusetts car insurance policies provide for no-fault payment of reasonable medical bills and lost wages. Receiving treatment for your injuries is a top priority. Many people believe that when they suffer only from neck pain or other lesser injuries that appear to be minor, that they are not hurt badly enough to seek out appropriate medical care. Oftentimes, however, minor pain can signal a more serious injury and it is unwise not to be promptly seen by a doctor.

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It is also important that you obtain expert legal advice immediately. Insurance companies generally try to become involved at the outset, and you should always consult with an experienced car accident attorney before you discuss the accident with an insurance company.

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