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Massachusetts construction zones can be a source of distraction to all drivers on the road. Each year, hundreds of miles of roadway are under construction throughout New England, and this typically leads to numerous motor vehicle accidents.

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Massachusetts construction zone motor vehicle accidents are caused by a number of factors. Was the other driver violating traffic laws? Was negligence on the part of the work crew in the construction zone a factor? For example, did the crew leave debris on the road where your crash occurred?

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If a Massachusetts construction zone motor vehicle accident in which you were involved was caused by the negligence of another person – including construction companies, their employees and contractors or other drivers – proving your case involves several steps.

First, you must prove that the person in question – let’s say it’s another driver – had a duty of reasonable care towards you. In this case, surely we expect a reasonable person to be certain to take extra care not to be distracted and to pay special attention to the task at hand when driving in a construction zone. Second, you have to prove that the other driver breached, or violated, that duty of care. Usually, this means that the person, in fact, did not take reasonable care, or acted unreasonably while driving through the construction zone. For example, if the driver allowed him or herself to be distracted in any way – by talking on the phone, fiddling with a GPS machine, or otherwise – they probably acted unreasonably, especially in light of the fact that they were in a construction zone. Lastly, you will have to prove that this breach of legal duty and failure to take reasonable care caused you actual harm. If the other driver, as a result of the distraction, crashed into your car and you were injured, for example, this element would be relatively easy to prove.

Of course, distractions in construction zones are almost ubiquitous. Cranes, bobcats and numerous other machines are constantly transporting materials, and workers wear brightly colored clothing to alert other workers and drivers of their presence. Together, these distractions present a significant problem for motor vehicle drivers. That’s why it is important to be especially careful while driving in construction zones. With all of the distractions, the standard used to judge what is and isn’t reasonable may very well be stricter in a construction zone than it is during normal driving conditions.

If you are a Massachusetts construction zone crew member, and were injured while on the job, you are most likely eligible for a Massachusetts workers' compensation claim. In addition, you may have a Massachusetts third-party liability claim for your injuries against someone other than your Massachusetts employer. The third party may be a motorist who was driving through the construction zone, or a subcontractor whose negligence caused the Massachusetts accident in which you were injured.

What is workers’ compensation? In Massachusetts, employers are legally obligated to provide workers’ compensation insurance benefits for their employees. Basically, these benefits cover lost wages and bills following on-the-job accidents. In addition, workers’ compensation often covers disability and permanent scars and disfigurement. If you can’t return to your job due to the severity of your injuries, worker’s compensation may also provide benefits for retraining and lost earning capacity. Importantly, you can collect workers’ compensation even if you were partly to blame for your injuries because these benefits are no-fault, namely they are paid regardless of who was at fault for the accident.

In exchange for this virtual guarantee of benefits, however, workers who are injured on the job cannot file personal injury claims against their employers. In addition, workers’ compensation laws sometimes do not fully compensate workers for their injuries, and do not cover workers for physical and emotional pain and suffering and other non-economic damages.

Of course, you may still be able to file a personal injury claim for your pain and suffering damages if the person who negligently caused your injuries did not work for the same company as you did at the time of the accident. In that case, your claim will be against the negligent person or his or her employer. Suits can also be filed against product or equipment designers, manufacturers or distributors if your injuries were caused by a defective Massachusetts product.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a Massachusetts construction zone motor vehicle accident, act promptly and call the Massachusetts construction zone auto accident attorneys and Massachusetts workers’ compensation lawyers at the Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates today at 617-787-3700 or email us at Our Boston construction zone car accident lawyers will fully investigate your claim to determine who is responsible for your injuries, and will help you find the most effective way to proceed to get you the money damages you deserve.

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