Woman Pinned Under Car That Crashed Through Her Pennsylvania Home.

Sherry Ashbaugh was the only one home when a car came bursting into her living room Tuesday morning. She became pinned under the car for a short time before breaking free. The driver suffered minor injuries.

Sherry’s two children were across the street visiting their aunt when the dangerous crash occurred. Sherry actually called her father while still pinned underneath the vehicle, not knowing if she would be able to free herself. Eventually, she was able to crawl under the car to safety.

Onlookers are shocked that she survived the crash. According to neighbors, the living room was filled with dust and they could hear her screams for help, making them fear for the worst. Neighbors are also concerned because this is not the first time a car has crashed into a house on their street. They are worried that the city will continue to ignore their pleas until someone is actually killed by an accident like this one.

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