Six People Killed In Thailand After 3-Car Crash Involving An Elephant.

Six people were killed in Thailand this morning after three cars were involved in a deadly crash with an elephant. The elephant, who later died, was one of three elephants searching for food in the vicinity of the roadway.


The three-car pileup started when a 10-wheel truck swerved and braked to avoid a group of three elephants that had wandered on the roadway in front of his vehicle. A pickup truck traveling behind the 10-wheeler subsequently slammed into the larger vehicle, killing two people inside. The pileup escalated when an SUV swerved to avoid the pickup, actually crashing into one of the elephants. The SUV rolled off the road and overturned, killing all four passengers inside.

According to officials, the elephants were likely members of a nearby Wildlife Reserve that wandered from the reserve in search of food. Because of an elephant’s color, they are especially difficult to see at night and in the early morning hours. One of the elephants died as a result of the crash as well.

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