Philadelphia Jury Awards Over $4 Million in Personal Injury Damages to Pedestrian Struck by SUV.

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Pedestrians should be able to safely walk along our sidewalks without fear or threat of injury. Under the law, pedestrians are required to be given deference by nearby vehicles. When a pedestrian sustains serious physical injuries from the negligence of a motorist, through no individual fault, the responsible party should be held accountable.

A Philadelphia jury recently agreed with that sentiment when it awarded Emilia Rosypal the sum of $4.2 million for the injuries she sustained after being struck by an SUV. The motor vehicle was being driven by Alan Burroughs on behalf of his employer, theThompson Motor Group, Inc. Mrs. Rosypal, who is in her 70’s, was walking across the entrance to the Thompson Toyota facilities when Burroughs failed to stop at a stop sign and ran her over, causing serious harm in the process. She had to be airlifted to the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, where she required multiple surgeries and constant care for weeks. Mrs. Rosypal suffered fractures to her spine and hip, as well as all four of her limbs, according to plaintiff’s attorney, Roberta D. Pichini. Her anticipated future medical expenses are calculated to be as high as $1.7 million. Perhaps the greatest of her losses, however, was for future enjoyment of life, as Mrs. Rosypal is now severally limited in her mobility and independence.

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