Pennsylvania Jury Awards Almost $16 Million to Woman Involved in Automobile Accident.

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Brenda Gump was involved in a car accident in June 2010. She was driving on a dangerous road where construction was being performed. As the car Ms. Gump was driving turned left into a restaurant, one Adam Mains hit the right side of her car. Mr. Mains admitted to speeding in the area.

Ms. Gump suffered a closed head injury and was resuscitated on the scene by a relative, who was also an EMT. Ms. Gump was brought to the Jefferson Regional Medical Center and then to UPMC Mercy. She had to have a partial temporal lobectomy to relieve pressure from her brain swelling. She was ultimately diagnosed with an acute subdural hematoma and hemorrhagic brain contusions. Additionally, Ms. Gump sustained multiple fractured ribs and a fractured pneumothorax, and had to receive a tracheotomy and have a gastric feeding tube inserted.

Ms. Gump has received both physical and occupational therapy. She continues to suffer from cognitive defects, memory loss, poor judgment, and left-sided paralysis. She cannot walk on her own to this day. A doctor testified during her trial that she needs constant, around the clock care, due to the injuries she sustained in the accident. She often has emotional outbursts because of her damaged frontal lobe. She now has an eating disorder that causes her to gain weight. In addition, she has epilepsy from her brain injuries.

At the time, Lane Construction Corp. was working on a bridge, and traffic in the left lane was stopped. This blocked any view of drivers attempting to turn left.

The jury found Mr. Mains to be more than 42% responsible for the collision, but also the Lane Construction Corp. to be 18% liable, and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to be 40% liable. Ms. Gump’s son, who was driving the car she was in, was also a named defendant.

Five additional accidents had occurred in the construction zone during the course of four days. Ms. Gump alleged that the construction company and PennDOT should have known of the dangerous area and did not do anything to fix the problem.

The driver, Mr. Mains, and Beth’s Barricades, another defendant, settled prior to the trial.

The Pennsylvania jury awarded Ms. Gump $4.8 million for medical care, $7 million in pain and suffering damages, and $4 million in loss of enjoyment of life damages.

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