Parents Sue Drunk Driver For $2.5 Million After Their Son Sustained Permanent Brain Damage From Collision.

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Eleven-year-old Vasean Alleyne and his friend Angel Reyes were crossing the street in Queens, New York one October afternoon when they were reportedly suddenly hit by a van.  According to, the van left the scene of collision, but police were later able to track down the van and its driver, one John Wirta, shortly after the collision.  Wirta was reportedly intoxicated at the time of the collision, and was criminally charged with misdemeanor drunken driving.  He was ultimately sentenced to sixty days in prison, but was released after thirty-eight days.

This sentence did very little to help compensate Vasean, who had to be rushed to the hospital as a result of the collision and suffered brain damage.  Vasean’s injuries are most likely going to have severe consequences for the rest of his life, and may result in decades of pain and suffering.  To compensate for his injuries and medical expenses, Vasean’s parents filed a personal injury lawsuit against Wirta alleging he was negligent by driving his van while under the influence of alcohol and that as a result he directly caused Vasean’s injuries.  Wirta’s insurance company agreed to pay Vasean’s parents $2.5 million in the settlement. 

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