Ohio Parents File Lawsuit After Son Was Killed In Car Crash.

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An Ottawa Hills, Ohio teenager was killed in a car accident in 2013. Brian Hoeflinger, Blake Pappas and Michael Geiger, all Ottawa Hills High School students, allegedly went to the Hoeflinger’s home on February 1, 2013 after school. The three collected money and went to Foxx Liquor to purchase vodka. The liquor store was known in the area to allow underage people to buy alcohol. Blake bought Belvedere Vodka without being asked to show his identification. Brian and Michael drank a small amount of it back at the Hoeflinger’s home before attending a high school basketball game.

After the basketball game, the three boys went to the another friend’s home. Other students were also at the home and had brought their own alcohol. At some point in the evening, Brian became intoxicated and left the party, despite many of the student’s attempts to stop him. He left at approximately 11:45 p.m. and crashed into a tree minutes later.

Mr. and Mrs. Hoeflinger have filed a lawsuit in the Lucas County Common Please Court against the liquor store who sold alcohol to the teenagers, AM Mart LLC, which does business as Foxx Liquor; the owners of the liquor store, Martin Yousif and Andi Jarbou; employees of the liquor store, including Nicholas Thompson and other unnamed employees; Dorr Plaza Inc., which owns and leases the property where Foxx Liquor is located; the friends who bought the alcohol; and the parents who hosted the party where Brian was consuming alcohol, Lisa and John Crider. The lawsuit alleges negligence, wrongful death, and corrupting another with alcohol.

Nicholas Thompson, an employee of Foxx Liquor, has served four months in jail after being convicted of furnishing intoxicating liquor to a minor and for the sale of vodka to Blake.

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