New York City Mayor’s Caravan Runs Stop Signs Days After Announcing Public Safety Campaign.

Political corruption is rarely more accessible to the general public than the picture of a politician ignoring the rules of the road and endangering the physical safety of the very people that politician is sworn to serve. New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio has had to deal with questions about this sort of corruption when his sport utility vehicle was caught driving 20 miles about speed limit and running through stop signs in Queens, New York last week.

A local television crew tailed Mayor de Blasio’s caravan of vehicles in Queens on Thursday, February 20, 2014, and recorded some shocking footage of de Blasio’s driver going well above speed limit and driving through a stop sign at approximately 40 miles per hour. This footage exposes a particularly sickening and hypocritical form of political corruption, given that just two days prior, on Tuesday February 18, de Blasio announced a city-wide campaign to promote safe driving with the stated goal of reducing the number of car accident deaths in the city to zero. The campaign reduces speed limits in certain neighborhoods, creates wider streets in others, pressures state legislators to expand use of street cameras, and finally calls on drivers to “take personal responsibility” for their behavior behind the wheel.

Shocking hypocrisy aside, the Mayor and his office have refused to acknowledge that the mayoral caravan violated the rules of the road and that such behavior will not be repeated. The New York Police Commissioner stated that he was “comfortable” with the behavior of de Blasio’s “specially trained” drivers. When asked what sort of “specially trained” driver can avoid a car accident when driving through a stop sign at 40 miles per hour, the Commissioner declined to further comment.

In the meantime, New York’s drivers can rest easy knowing that the city will soon be free of motor vehicle deaths as long as they take “personal responsibility” and knowing that their Mayor already has access to magical “specially trained” drivers capable of avoiding accidents in a congested city while driving at blazing speeds.

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