New Report Shows That Vehicle Crashes Annually Cost Massachusetts Billions of Dollars.

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Massachusetts is known for its aggressive drivers. It is a state of sharp turns and congested lanes. While some drivers might believe that an aggressive driving style makes their commute faster, the reality is that it often results in a car accident. This is perhaps why there are, on average, 150,000 Massachusetts auto accidents every year.

Aside from the tragic reality that approximately 4,500 of these auto accidents result in serious injuries to the victims, a recent report by the highway safety authority confirms that there is another cost to Massachusetts regarding its style of driving. Vehicle crashes, in fact, cost Massachusetts $7 billion last year alone. The state has been assigned a “yellow” rating due to its high rate of accidents and for not implementing the Primary Seatbelt Enforcement Law, which grants police the authority to pull a driver over if they or a passenger are not wearing a seat belt.

Reckless driving cost Massachusetts taxpayers $7 billion last year. Your chances of being in an accident drop dramatically if you operate your vehicle in a safe and considerate manner, but you are also exposed to injury by surrounding reckless drivers.

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