Mother Publishes Book About the Loss of Three Daughters in a Car Accident.

Jackie Hance, whose three daughters were tragically killed in a car accident in 2009, has given her first interview since the auto crash. During the interview, she announced the publication of a book titled: “I’ll See You Again.” The book contains stories from the lives of her three girls, and the family, as well as the tribulations of the family following the wrongful death auto accident.

In July 2009, Hance sent her three daughters to the girls’ aunt, Diane Shuler. Shuler drove the girls, as well as her own daughter, in a minivan on a highway. Shuler got behind the wheel with a blood alcohol content of .19, which is over twice the legal limit. While driving on the highway, Shuler swerved into wrong-way traffic and smashed her minivan into a sport utility vehicle.

Shuler, her daughter, and Hance’s three daughters, Emma, 8, Alyson, 7, and Katie, 5 , were all killed in the motor vehicle accident. The autopsy revealed Shuler’s high blood alcohol content as well as marijuana in her system. These tragic wrongful deaths caused untold stress and despair to Hance and her husband. In her book, Hance describes the strain that the car accident placed on her marriage and her own emotional and mental well-being.

Hance has expressed hope that her daughters’ memory can live through the book, and that people who might have met and befriended the girls in the future can do so by reading it.

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