Mosinee, WI Woman Killed in Bicycle Accident.

In a tragic coincidence, a female bicyclist was killed last week after she was struck by a car. This was only a few years after her husband was also killed in a bicycle accident.

Tammy Gass, 44, died last Wednesday just miles from the spot where her husband was killed in a bike accident in 2008. The bicycle accident occurred at around 11 a.m. on Highway KK in Mosinee, Wisconsin, when Gass’ bike was hit by a passing car.

Local Mosinee, WI Police Lt. Dale Wisnewski said that both the cyclist and the driver of the car that struck her were taken to an area hospital following the accident. Gass was unresponsive when medical crews arrived on the scene of the bicycle accident, but had a strong pulse prior to being transported for emergency room treatment at the hospital. Tragically, Gass died at around 4 p.m. last Wednesday. It is believed that she suffered internal injuries, as well as other bodily injuries, as a result of the bicycle crash. The driver who hit Gass was arrested and charged with driving with a suspended license.

Gass had been married to 41 year-old Gregg Bednorski, who died in September 2008 after crashing his bicycle into a parked car.

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