Lindsay Lohan Sued for Her Involvement in California Car Accident.

The driver of the truck involved in the car accident with actress Lindsay Lohan is now suing the young star for her involvement in the auto crash.

On June 8, 2012, Lohan was travelling on the Pacific Coast Highway in California when the Porsche she was driving in crashed into an 18-wheel truck. The driver of the truck has now hired a lawyer and is suing Lohan for personal injury damages.

The driver alleges that Lohan’s entourage attempted to pay him money at the scene of the car accident to dismiss the case. Lohan originally claimed that the driver of the truck was at fault for the car accident because he cut her off. However, she has since changed her statement by now saying that her brakes were not working properly in the car she rented.

Following the auto crash, Lohan was taken to a nearby hospital but was quickly discharged. She returned to her work on the set of “Liz & Dick,” a film in which she portrays Elizabeth Taylor.

Police are preparing a report that includes the discrepancies between Lohan’s statements.  This could trigger a violation of her probation if it is determined that she lied to the police about the car accident.

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