When Left Alone By Her Father, 2 Year-Old Puts Dad’s Car Into Drive Smashing Into Parked Cars.

Oscar Chicas, a 33 year-old Connecticut man, was arrested over the weekend as the result of a car accident. The arrest came after he left his 2 year-old daughter alone in his idling vehicle. The 2 year-old put the car into drive, smashing the moving vehicle into cars that had been parked nearby.

Although the car accident only caused minor damage to two parked cars, the father is being held fully responsible for leaving the 2 year-old unattended in a running vehicle. According to reports, Chicas has stepped outside the vehicle to help his brother work on a disabled vehicle. Certainly, the damage could have been far worse, and even life threatening. Fortunately, the child was not injured in the car crash. She was left with her uncle after police arrested Chicas, holding him on a $15,000 bond for risk of injury.

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