Lawsuit Filed Against Driver Who Hit Boy Waiting For School Bus.

According to WNCN, eleven year-old Michael Burgess was walking to his school bus stop in September 2014 when the tragedy occurred. He was headed across Johnson Pond Road in Apex, North Carolina. As he was walking, sixteen year-old Lindsey Tight slammed her car into the boy. Lindsey was driving a 2010 Chevrolet. Michael’s foot and ankle became caught underneath Lindsey’s car and Michael was then thrown him through the air and into a drainage ditch. Michael suffered broken bones and a traumatic brain injury from the car accident. Additionally, he suffered an orbital bone fracture, a frontal bone fracture, multiple ankle fractures, multiple abrasions, injuries to his knee and wrist, back injuries, a concussion, and a closed head injury.

According to the Highway Patrol, the school bus was picking up three students from the bus stop when Lindsey ignored the flashing lights and failed to yield to the bus.

Michael’s parents have filed a personal injury lawsuit against Lindsey and her parents. They are asking for over $10,000 in damages. The family allege that Lindsey failed to reduce her speed, failed to stop, and did not sound her horn to warn young Michael.

In a criminal action, Lindsey was charged with failure to reduce speed and passing a stopped school bus. She told troopers she had not seen the bus because of the fog.

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