Lawsuit Brewing After Fresno Car Accident That Injured Six Children.

Although no lawsuit has been filed as of yet, the Fresno attorney representing the six children injured in a charter school vehicle says a lawsuit is hardly out of the question. The crash occurred last week as a man later identified as Cameron Woods attempted to elude police. He ran a stop sign during the police chase, crashing into the charter school SUV and the nine children inside.

Five of those children belonged to Fresno mom Bernadette Marez. Two of her sons, 13-year-old Evan and 10-year-old Elias, were ejected from the SUV upon impact and each spent several days in a coma recovering from the varied and severe personal injuries. The oldest son suffered traumatic brain injuries, a left femur fracture and multiple facial fractures. He will have to use a wheelchair and will need extensive therapy if he is ever to walk or talk again. The 10-year-old is forced to use a walker. Another Marez sibling, Elaine, was sitting in the backseat and suffered a lacerated liver, broken collarbone, bleeding lungs and fractures of the spine.

Although the severity of the crash was due primarily to Mr. Woods, who ran the stop sign and caused the crash, the family’s attorney has been clear that the school is also to blame. Nine children never should have been in that SUV. The driver was in a rush and crammed more students into the vehicle than safety permitted. The two boys who were ejected from the vehicle were not wearing seatbelts as a result. Since the incident, the Anchor Academy where the students attended has acquired an 80-passenger bus to transport students to and from school.

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