Fourteen-Year-Old Girl Killed In New Driver’s Car.

Fourteen-year-old Kiri Jade was pronounced dead at the scene after a tragic car accident at the beginning of the year. The driver, 18-year-old Jack Powell, had only passed his driving test three weeks prior to the fatal accident.

Just three short weeks before the fatal crash, Jack Powell posted a picture to Facebook proudly showing his driving test certificate. On it, his driving instructor commented, “Congratulations Jack Powell on a great first time pass this morning with just 4 minor marks.” After the crash, Jack suffered a coma and was put on life support, although he is expected to survive.

A second passenger in the teenager’s car, 13-year-old Georgia James, broke both her legs in the crash. The passengers in the other vehicle were also injured, with one 67-year-old passenger suffering fatal injuries.

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