Driver Slams Car Through South Boston, Massachusetts Realty Building.

According to the police in Boston, Massachusetts, an elderly motorist drove his sedan through the side of a realty office building on East Broadway in South Boston on the morning of Saturday, February 1, 2014.

Witnesses at the scene reported that an elderly man got into a silver-gray colored sedan at a Rite-Aid parking lot. The man reversed wildly, swerving along the way and sideswiping a minivan. The driver reversed all the way across two lanes of traffic on East Broadway, crashed into a parked car at a Stop and Shop parking lot. Finally, the driver crashed in reverse into the side of the office building of Jack Conway & Company Realtors at 739 East Broadway. The car went over a guardrail to punch through the side of the building and end-up in one of the offices inside the building.

Witnesses spoke to the man at the scene of the auto accident, but were unable to get him out. Responding firefighters and paramedics got the man out of the car and drove him to the emergency room of a nearby hospital. The man was seriously injured in the car accident. According to Boston Police, luckily no one else was hurt in the crash.

Boston Police are continuing to investigate the accident, and one officer stated that it is too early to tell whether the man would be charged with a crime.

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