Car Hits Four Bicyclists on the Granite State Wheelman Ride.

Bikers participating in the Granite State Wheelman Ride in Hampton, New Hampshire were distraught after a driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed into four bicyclists on September 21, 2013. Two people were killed, and two others were injured. The collision occurred at approximately 8:30 a.m. on Route 1A of Ocean Boulevard on the Underwood Bridge. 

Witnesses called the car accident tragic, and expressed concern that this happened during such a long-running race.  The driver was a 20 year-old woman named Darriean Hess.  Investigators have not yet determined why she lost control of her car.  She was initially travelling southbound, but her vehicle careened into the northbound lane, and that was where she hit the bicyclists.  Criminal charges were not immediately filed against her.  Hess sustained minor personal injuries in the auto crash, and was transported to the emergency room at the Portsmouth Regional Hospital to receive treatment.

The bicycle ride normally follows the coastline along New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine.  The ride continued, and cyclists were routed around the bridge, while police were investigating the scene of the motor vehicle accident.

The two victims who died in the crash were 52 year-old Elise Bouchard and 60 year-old Pamela Wells, both from Massachusetts.

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