California Man Dies After His Ambulance Was Struck By A Car.

There are, on average, 150,000 Massachusetts auto accidents every year.  Aside from the tragic reality that approximately 4,500 of these accidents result in serious injuries to the victims, a recent report by a highway safety authority confirms that there is another cost to Massachusetts regarding negligent driving.  Vehicle crashes, in fact, cost Massachusetts citizens $7 billion last year alone.   The state has been assigned a “yellow” rating due to its high rate of auto accidents.  It is essential that negligent or reckless drivers be held accountable for their actions.

Car collisions can be extremely harmful, especially where a passenger is particularly vulnerable, such as a passenger in an ambulance.  This was precisely what happened recently in Fresno, California.  According to, at around 10:00 am near the intersection of Main and Conyer Streets, Robert Zielske crashed into an ambulance with his car.  The ambulance was transporting eighty-four-year-old Robert Howard, who had several firefighters and paramedics performing CPR on him.  The force of the collision was so great that ambulance turned over onto its side.

While the drivers and paramedics inside the ambulance were slightly hurt, Mr. Howard sustained far more serious injuries.  A second ambulance was called and escorted Howard to a nearby hospital, but he unfortunately died shortly after arriving.  Police are currently investigating the incident to see if there is any criminal liability for Zielske’s actions.  He may also face a wrongful death lawsuit if it can be shown that he helped contribute to Howard’s death, which appears likely based on the facts of the collision.

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