California Car Crash Injures Four and Kills Passenger.

Cars have become a common part of everyday life. We use cars to get to work, to our homes, and nearly to everywhere in-between. While driving may have become a repetitive daily activity for most people, it is important that we always drive in a responsible and considerate manner. Each driver owes a duty of care to the people in their vehicle, as well as those in other vehicles on the road. If a driver breaches this duty by driving in a dangerous or negligent manner, they may be held liable for the damages they cause.

Someone may have recently breached this duty in a Westmisnter, CA car crash, and sadly, to tragic effect. A little before 5:00 am on a weekday last week, California Highway Patrol officers received a call about a four car crash on the south 405 Freeway. By the time the officers had arrived, two of the vehicles were completely engulfed in flames.

One passenger was trapped inside one of the combusted vehicles, and unfortunately died before first responders could rescue him. Three other people were also injured, and were sent to a nearby hospital. The crash is still under investigation, and police are trying to figure out what caused so many vehicles to crash into one another so violently.

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