18 Year-Old Dies At Hospital The Day After Her Vehicle Struck A Fixed Object.

If you, a friend, or a family member has been seriously injured or died in a car accident, it is likely that the victim of the auto crash is already suffering from both physical and emotional injuries, as well as mounting medical bills. Many victims of a car accident and their families are concerned about how to afford not just their medical bills, but the expenses related to fixing their vehicles. Victims of car accidents should rely on an experienced auto accident attorney here at our Boston, Massachusetts law firm to help guide them through their personal injury case. Call our Boston injury lawyers 24/7 at 617-787-3700.

An investigation regarding the circumstance surrounding a single vehicle accident has been completed. The accident involved the vehicle striking a fixed and stationary object on the side of the road. During the investigation, the coroner confirmed that alcohol was not a contributing factor.  The Peotone, Illinois Police Department has confirmed that 18 year-old, Marissa Grant, died from the injuries she sustained in the car crash. It is believed that Ms. Grant was traveling on Interstate 57 when her vehicle swerved off the road striking the object. She was transported to the Loyola University Medical Center where she died from her injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a car accident, it is extremely important for you to contact an experienced auto accident lawyer or one of our experienced wrongful death attorneys here at the Law Offices of Gilbert. R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates to ensure your legal rights are protected. An attorney can be reached 24/7 by phone at 617-787-3700 or by email at info@gilhoylaw.com. One of our nationally recognized injury attorneys will be available to discuss what legal remedies you may be entitled to in a free and confidential consultation. Your needs are our top priority!



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